Contemporary Education Academy

Church School Enrollment Process
and Policies
Welcome! Thanks for selecting our & now your Academy for homeschool support.

We are a minsitry of Covenant of Peace Church of Huntsville, Al. As such, we believe your process should start after much thought and prayer!

Mail FEES (Payable to CEA) to our Office at:
10145 Dunbarton Dr., Suite 2
Huntsville, Al 35803-1268
First time application fee is $30 per family.
Annual tuition is $60 per year per family.
We also accept online payment through

Go to our Online Center. Request to 'Join This Group' as a Yahoo member. Submit Name, Address, Phone Number and method of payment (paypal or regular mail) in remarks section.

After we receive your fees, you will be approved for membership in our Online Center at, you will automatically receive the three CEA FORMS (Church School Enrollment, Student Record Release and Student Attendance). You can not obtain the enrollment forms until we receive your fees.

Print & Mail COMPLETED CEAcademy CHURCH SCHOOL ENROLLMENT FORM to CEA. Fill in your local Public School Superintendent (Online Alabama List) and sign. Can also FAX in a copy to our Fax number 256.650.1508. We will then counter sign and mail to the superintendent address you filled in. If Reenrolling with CEA in Alabama, one does not need to send a Church School Enrollment Form again to the Superintendent. We also highly recommend membership in the HomeSchool Legal Defense Association at HSLDA ENROLLMENT though not required.

Send STUDENT RECORD RELEASE FORM to former school(s) of all students. If enrolled in another school follow their withdrawal policies and follow your local homeschool laws. This form will forward student records like grades, medical and other former school records to CE Academy. Upon receipt and after we have received all appropriate CEA Forms, we will forward all received records to you for your family to maintain.

Submit  STUDENT ATTENDANCE FORM as required. A 180-day recorded learning period is required. Our school year starts on the 4th of July and ends on the 3rd of July. Families may start actual or recorded school year later than 4 July (though you need to start within 3 days of your local public schools). However, we believe home education is a 365 days a year venture between parent and student.  School days are considered to consist of at least 3 to 4 core learning activities or at least 3 to 4 full hours of education at a minimum. To have a complete education students need 'all subjects' on a consistent basis. The core learning of different subjects can alternate each day and the hours can be at home or on field trips where learning is accomplished as determined by the parent. CEAcademy allows 20 days for parent/teacher discretion such as teacher or student sick days, or teacher prep days (please note these on your attendance forms). Families are required to submit the cumulative number of days each student has attended upon first enrolling or when reenrolling each year, the second by the 3rd of Jan each year. The 3rd report will be due  by the end of school year or 3 July (whichever occurs first). If withdrawing from another school, please provide the number of days attended on 1st report to CEA. The Attendance Form is available at .
Reports submitted after these dates and/or returned fee payments will each have a $30 fee.

Obtain family curriculum (see our curriculum page for possible and suggested curriculum, textbooks and websites). Develop student study plans. Maintain Student Records & Grades at your home. You will complete report cards and any transcripts. For an additional fee ($20 per hour) CEA will complete these based on information provided to CEA. 

The 4 most important steps;
1) Send Fees
2) Join our Yahoogroups Online Center *
3) Submit Appropriate Forms
4) Educate your Student(s)

* Do not have a computer, use library or firend's and get free email address from or

The Contemporary Education Academy serves as a Church School to facilitate the family in its' educational endeavor. Therefore, the CE Academy makes no promise as to the acceptance of your family grades by other educational activities or orgnizations.

The final acceptance is judged by our Lord and your convictions.

  **Failure to comply with this process is grounds for dismissal! We required to notify public officials.**

Questions - Please email or call 256.650.1507